DACA renewals are still available (for now)

This morning, the Supreme Court denied the Government's effort to have the Supreme Court directly review a decision from a federal district court judge requiring that USCIS continue accepting DACA renewal applications.  Instead, the Government will need to have the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals initially review the decision.  

Due to the district court's decision (and a later decision from another district court judge), the administration is temporarily blocked from its efforts to end the DACA program by not allowing DACA renewals (and then letting the status of existing DACA recipients expire).  Now, individuals with DACA can continue to renew their status until a federal court says otherwise.  However, USCIS is not accepting new DACA applications -- only renewals.

If you are a DACA recipient whose status has expired or is going to expire soon, you should still be able to apply to renew your DACA status if you otherwise qualify.  However, the Ninth Circuit (or, later, the Supreme Court) can still reverse the district court, so you should keep a close eye on legal developments.